4DG all started during a weekend in Destin, FL when Matt & Robby attended a leadership event for entrepreneurs.

During that event they were both asked to speak to the group of gathered entrepreneurs. It didn't take long for them to recognize the natural synergy of what each one brings to the table. Even more, they recognized the potential alignment that was standing right in front of them. The alignment of vision, capabilities, drive, and the biggest of all, a desire to help people all around the world achieve abundance.

The rest, as they say, is history. Within two weeks of that meeting, things were already in motion, and the first events, training programs, and clients were already booked and scheduled.

Fast-forwarding to 2021, Matt & Robby have launched their platform and are working with clients all over the country to create abundance in their lives and businesses.

Look out, world, because the mission only gets bigger every day. Why? Because we are committed to taking #OperationAbundance global and creating a legacy of impact.

Robby is a gifted optimization engineer of the human experience. Robby D'Angelo is a Human Optimization Expert, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Coach. He specializes in achieving Results Driven Growth through Mental Performance and Improved Human Capital.

He attended The University of Southern Mississippi, where he was an All-American college football player and a finalist for the best center in the country. While there, he received two degrees, one in Business Administration and one in Marketing, along with an MBA in finance. After college, he began a successful career with a commercial investment firm and published his best-selling book on the psychology of personal transformation. Since then, he has gone on to publish an additional 4 books.

Currently he is an entrepreneur, owning multiple successful businesses, including 4DG. In addition, he is an international keynote speaker on various topics, from biohacking and mental performance to entrepreneurship. He specializes in the optimization of human capital with the belief in creating personal value to the point of becoming undeniable. His clients learn how to reprogram their mindset for success and abundance through various techniques and disciplines but always with the focus on living an aligned life. What happens when client’s level up their beliefs?

Matt is a sales, marketing & business mechanic. Matt Coots is an influencer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host and sales, marketing & business strategist! He works with individuals & businesses to drive revenue and create growth opportunities!

In the last two decades he has started and ran numerous enterprises from small businesses to projects with hundreds of thousands of clients. This included projects where he was responsible for recruiting, training and managing service departments, distribution channels and sales teams of
thousands of individuals that did tens of millions of dollars per year in sales volume.

He utilizes his hard earned vision, sales & marketing skills, training and educational processes, technical ability, and history of scaling to achieve incredible, measurable results. Matt's true passion is working with individuals and companies to scale their businesses to the level of success and impact that they wish to achieve.

Together we are confident in our team's ability to bring the right resources to bear on any given project. Whether it is our network, skills, dedication, passion, or energy Matt, Robby, and our team behind the scenes are ready to help you level up towards abundance in your life and business.